Alex Haisting

Alex Haisting is the CEO and founder of High Five Studios. He works as the producer, sound designer and composer. He works to bring the game to life through realistic sound design and compositions that set the mood and ambience of the game.


Josh Mokwa

Josh is the business manager for the studio, he handles the financial documents and accounting of the studio. He also coordinates the studio's social media and is heading up current marketing efforts.


Robert Petit

Robert is the lead designer and programmer for the current project the studio is putting out. He works to coordinate workflow with the other studio staff, as well as working to convey the overall concept of the game. 


Jessica Davis

Jessica Davis was the former social media and marketing manager for the studio. She worked to connect the studio to the general public and helped to make the game and information about the studio easily accessible and user friendly.  



Rachel Christ

Rachel Christ is the lead artist for High Five Studios. Working primarily  in 3D, she plays the primary role in bringing the studio's artistic vision to fruition.    




Cody Fletcher

Cody is a programmer with the studio. He works primarily on the AI to make characters in the game act and interact with each other in a natural way, as well as working on interactions between player characters, NPCs and monsters in game.