Studio Spotlight: Artist Edition

Last week we shared some of what goes into sound design. We've decided to run a series of articles along the same line. This week, we'll be highlighting another critical part of the studio: our artist, Rachel. 

Rachel is an incredibly talented individual and the studio is grateful to have her. She has been working with 2D art for 10 years and 3D art for several months now. 

"As cliche as it sounds, my favorite part of what I do is making a character come to life," Rachel said. 
The process that Rachel goes through to make characters is incredibly in depth that requires knowledge across fields such as human anatomy, color theory and technical knowledge of the programs used to construct a character.  The process generally take about a week from start to finish with Rachel working roughly 40 hours a week. 

While the art process is rewarding, it isn't without its setbacks. 3D modeling takes a lot of work, and Rachel spends a lot of time learning from errors that were made and learning how to use the software for the desired effects. 

"I think my favorite thing about the studio is the potential we all have to go really far with what we want to achieve. We are actively pushing each other to keep going and to learn new things." 



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